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Examples of our involvement in the local community

  About Us

The Rotary Club of Sturminster Newton, which celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2014, is a small friendly group of responsible individuals, drawn largely from the business and professional community, committed to helping those in need and in improving local facilities whilst, at the same time, enjoying the friendship and company of like minded people. There is a wide range of age and experience amongst the membership which currently totals 29.

What is Rotary

Rotary is the short name for Rotary International (RI), a worldwide organisation of locally based clubs whose members help to support good causes and the disadvantaged, in their own local community, as well as national and the wider international communities.

Each Rotary Club is independent yet operates within the Rotary International Constitution. Rotary in Great Britain and Ireland (RIBI) has its own governing body and constitution.

Rotary is not a secret society which indulges in dressing up in ceremonial clothes and follows unusual protocols. The closest we get is for each Rotarian to wear a lapel pin to indicate that he/she is a Rotarian and the President, who is elected annually, to wear a chain of office during the meeting.

What does Rotary do?

Although Rotarians meet regularly, usually weekly, for fellowship and to share a meal before discussing the affairs of the club, or listening to a guest speaker, it should not be regarded as an old man's dining club. Of course we enjoy the company of our fellow Rotarians, we love to chat as does anybody else, but our main purpose is to make a difference. We are all determined to do our best to make life easier and more enjoyable both within the community we serve and the world in general.
The club is organised into three main committees which concentrate on a particular aspect of its programme.
The International Committee, as its name suggests, identfies areas in the world where the club can make a positive contribution. For example we continuue to support the Rotary International Polio Plus programme aimed at eradicating polio worldwide. We are currently involved in building and equipping a birthing centre in a remote part of Nepal to help alleviate the very high infant and mother mortality rate in that region. The committee is ready to react to any disaster and emergency that occurs by raising and donating funds to Rotarian lead relief initiatives such as the disaster box and Water Aid schemes
The Community Committee concentrates on local and national problems. It supports local schools and provides a fund for each school to use for social reasons. It organises local events such as Santa Stride and the Big Lunch in the Railway Gardens to help build a spirit of cohesion and belonging to all residents of Sturminster Newton and surrounding villages. It supports local charities where appropriate especially when a particular hardship case has been identified.

The final committee, usually headed by the junior vice president, deals with the organisation of the club itself. It arranges the weekly programme, formulates club policy and liaises with other Rotarian organisations and clubs.
An additional committee made up of Rotarians and non Rotarians and which meets seperately, organises the annual Cheese Festival which is responsible for donating some £30,000 to £40,000 local charities and organisations each year.
Whenever a fifth Tuesday in the month occurs we are joined by our wives and partners for a special event organised by our social committee.

Where do we meet?

Our meetings are held every Tuesday evening at:
The Plough Manston,Shaftesbury Road, Manston,Sturminster Newton, DT10 1HB.
Telephone: 01258 472484.  

We arrive at 6.45pm for a 7.15pm start.


What have we done?

Our club has been involved in supporting the following groups, activities and charities at both local and international level in recent years:

Local Community Projects:

Kids Out:    In partnership with the Shaftesbury club we organise a day out, usually Longleat, for the children of Yewstock School tgether with their Carers.

Mock interviews:    A team of Rotarians carry out a morning of mock interviews for those students about to leave school and pursue their chosen careers. The object of the exercise is to lay a foundation of interview techniques in a practical and helpful way.

International Projects:

Nepal:    In association with the Nepal Trust funding the provision of a Birthing Centre in a remote area of north western Nepal.

Sand Dams:  Joining with other clubs in the district to support the provision of sand dams in remote areas of Kenya which provide a source of potable water for the community all the year round.

The Shoebox appeal:   An annual appeal in which each Rotary club collects from the local community,shoe boxes filled with small gifts for distribution to poor and developing countries. This club aims to collect approximately 300 boxes each year which is sent to add to the District consignment of some 4000 boxes.
The aim of the scheme is twofold:
a. It brings joy to some of the very poorest children in the world who, in most cases, live in circumstances beyond our comprehension and it shows children who often have little pleasure in their lives that someone cares about them.
b. It teaches our children to give and share with others, especially children less fortunate than themselves.

Providing Aqua and Shelter boxes to distressed areas: When a country is subjected to a major disaster which renders thousands homeless and without clean water, Rotary is organised to put personnel on the ground immediately to receive and distribute supplies of emergency shelters and water purifying equipment which are shipped from a number of strategically placed storage areas worldwide. Each club provides funding throughout the year to this organisation to ensure adequate stocks are held to meet each requirement.

Micro Credit Scheme in Namibia: Providing funds to a national charity that supports families in Namibia to start a business that will improve its standard of living and allow their children to be eucated.

Support for the Rotary Imnternational Polio Plus project: This is a major international project in which Rotary in association with the Bill Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation has set out to eradicate polio worldwide. The aim is frustratingly close, some 98% of the world has now been declared polio free.